The Adventures of Samuel Winston

Cap sur l’Australie

For this second book, all the drawings were made with charcoal on craft paper.

Embark for Australia abroad a magnificent three-masted vessel, “the Lady East”!

Be careful! The travel will be more than turbulent…

Beautiful ladies in vintage gowns...

The flow of life bows according to the people you meet, doesn’t it Samuel?

Are there sea trips without treasures ?

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" The horse that wanted to be friends with the King of the universe. ”

A visual parable on how to become a friend and disciple to the King of the universe.

The Adventures of Samuel Winston

Novel for the 9-12

In 1850, Samuel Winston is 12 years old. He embarks alone on the Lady East, a three-masted vessel known to be one of the fastest of its generation. In order to pay his travel to Australia, he’s hired as an apprentice carpenter…

Author : Marie Ray

Illustration : Sophie Wagner