The Adventures of Samuel Winston - Tome 2

Le cri du Kookaburra

Birds from the great Australian forest only share with friends their secrets...

Kangaroos are always alert among the tall grass...

This work inspired by the Australians tribal paintings is a special request from the author; you will not find it in the book...

The Adventures of Samuel Winston

Le complot - Tome 2

Novel for the 9-12

Melbourne, Australia, 1851. Samuel Winston finally found the only family he had left: his aunt, Miss West. He has no more news of his friend Elisabeth, but he does not despair of seeing her again. One day, Arasemoo, an Aboriginal warrior, comes to look for Miss West to take her to her tribe. Someone needs their medical skills. Upon departure, an unexpected revelation will upset Samuel and immerse him in his past. He still decides to leave with his aunt in the Australian forest where the adventure and the discovery of the Aboriginal people await him. Will he be able to cope with the multiple dangers and struggles he will face?

Author : Marie Ray

Illustration : Sophie Wagner