Le Gué, collection of Christmas tales

Le Gué is the first book that was given to me to illustrate, a great joy for me! The drawings in black and white are made with a pencil and a small graphite stick. The book is composed of 12 drawings in total. The cover is made with pastel on Canson paper.

Admire the full moon intoxicated by the perfume of the iris...

The story of a lonely child.

Those who travel through the desert are sometimes lucky enough to be guided to a source...

A mischievous and rustling tale.

Simple men’s wisdom saved more than one life.

A touching story that questions a certain scale of value. You’ll find Jean-Daniel Rousseil’s tales book “Le Gué” and its 9 other illustrations by following this link.

Le Gué and other Christmas stories.

In Christmas’ folklore, between the candles, the cakes and the Christmas tree, Christmas tales hold an old-fashioned place that has the lovely perfume of our childhood. Sadly, this style gets lost more and more in the mists of oblivion, where it becomes the prerogative of professional storytellers. Jean-Daniel Rousseil revisited this genre and offers us here a series of tales that will find their place under the tree of our Christmas celebration and in our hearts.

Author : Jean-Daniel Rousseil

Illustration : Sophie Wagner